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1: PB2 Username:

2: Do you have any alternative accounts?(if yes please state them,Including the link):

3: PB2 Profile Link:

4a: Kills:

4b: Deaths:

5: Are you currently in a clan?:

6: What clans have you been before?:

7: What was the reason of you joinning/leaving those clans?:

8: From your prespective,what defines a good player and a bad player?:

9: [Important] Why do you want to join ExOduS?:

10: [Important] What can you help to contribute to ExOduS?:

11: Country/State of residence:

12: How active will you be on discord and forums?:

13: [Very important] By applying in ExOduS you will have to carry a curtain ammount of responsibility: you must not ruin the clans reputation and respect everyone even if they dont respect you back,do not abuse the power granted to you by ExOduS.Do you beleive you can handle this responsibillity?:

14: Have you been tested?

15: Are you applying for Member or Trial Member?:


The questioning phase has 1-4 days to get finished.

If you don't answer our questions then you will be Denied.

When the questioning phase finishes,we will proceed to the testing phase


There are 2 phases that need to be passed on your application.:

Questioning, Testing Phase.

Questioning: Members will question you some stuff that they need to be answered.
Even if you don't want to, you will have to do it or else, you can't join.

Testing: Testing Phase is the phase that you are going to get tested on a match with a tester. The score will be to 15 as always. If you kill the tester at least 10 times and more then
you will be accepted to ExOduS. If you kill the tester under the 10 kills, then you will be denied.

Those are the phases that you need to know.

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